Frank Ski w/Nina Brown

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By offering-up an energetic dose of entertainment, humor, inspiration, and education, Frank Ski and Nina Brown bring a well-balanced menu of intriguing topics as well as anything essential to Black Culture. Expect Frank and Nina to clash as they have a 16-year work relationship built upon respect, but not precisely the same viewpoints. At times they butt heads, and it will be up to you, the listener, to weigh in and give your own opinion on who’s right and who’s wrong. The result is something hilarious and addicting.

Both Frank and Nina have seen the world and lived life supporting each other through marriages, divorces, college kids, and now toddlers. There is almost no topic that is off limits. Frank is a man’s man, and Nina’s a girl’s girl, both immensely relatable, transparent, and vulnerable. They can hang out with the Obama’s, then turn around and hang with your favorite rappers. On Sundays, they both believe in devoting the day to praising Jesus.

From Frank Ski’s Inspirational Vitamin® to unforgettable interviews from the most influential newsmakers to your favorite celebrities, their show is stimulating and entertaining with diversity, edge, and an attitude that translates to daily can’t miss programming for all of Albany, right here on V 101.7!