John Boy & Billy

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John Boy & Billy (and the whole Big Show crew) wake up the Upstate with their hilarious antics every weekday morning on Rock 103. Their southern-fried appeal has made them #1 in the South with over two million listeners each morning. No matter how much you hate going to work, at least you’ll have something to talk about when you get there!

John Boy

That’ “big ol’ hairy, no-drivin’, Hee-Haw-lookin’ sonofagun.” Fancies himself a racing legend, a trumpet virtuoso, and the king of leisure. One out of three ain’t bad.

Johnboy was born March 28th. As a child Johnny had many Hobbies including directing his pretend choir, driving a go kart and hunting with his father. He is a graduate of Graham High School in Graham, NC. Favorite foods include anything his mother makes, fried lobster tails, as well as pork, beef, and seafood with his Grillin’ Sauce. Johnboy first started out in radio in 1975 running Sunday morning tapes on his hometown radio station. His duties with the Big Show are being “Johnboy”.


If John Boy is the play-by-play guy, then Billy is the color commentator. Known for his Tasmanian Devil impression.

Billy was born December 11th in Gastonia, NC. As a child Billy dreamt of being taller. His favorite food is Beef: it’s what’s for dinner. Billy got started in radio by writing a letter to the local program director who was kind enough to invite him to the station one Saturday afternoon. From then on Billy was hooked. His duties with the Big Show are co-host, writer, and guy who listens while Johnboy talks so that if and when he gets lost, Billy can help him find his way back to what he was talking about.

Jackie Curry-Lynch

The Big Show’s on-air producer and occasional dance partner. Sometimes it seems like she is the only one of us who actually does any work around here.