Bud and Broadway

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In 2010, the ratings and revenue juggernaut that is The Bud and Broadway Show had its humble beginnings in Dothan, Alabama. In the eleven years that have since followed, the show has evolved into the fastest growing syndicated show in Country Radio. The Bud and Broadway Show is a CMA AND an ACM award-winning show, and while those are the biggest, they are the tip of the trophy case iceberg. The Show has been honored with dozens of accolades from local and state broadcast organizations, non-profit groups and magazines.  Also, Broadway would like to remind you that in 2012 he was voted the 5th Sexiest Man in Dothan, AL. (Cut him some slack. It’s all the man has to hang onto.)

The Bud and Broadway Show was conceived, designed, and constructed on a simple fact: He who entertains the most, wins. This Show arrived on the scene to win and chew gum, and they were out of gum before they arrived.

Fun is the name of the game on The Bud and Broadway Show. Every member of the cast has a razor-sharp sense of humor. They look at the world a little differently than most, and as one affiliate put it, “have a knack for talking about stuff that’s not funny and making it hilarious. (If we’re being honest, the affiliate did not use the word “stuff”, but we thought it would be improper to print his exact words…..even though we like it better that way.