The greatest month in the history of forever. Led Zeppelin + September + Rock 103 = ZEPTEMBER! We’ve got some special Led Zeppelin stuff that we’re going to be sharing and doing during Zeptember. Plus, we’re kicking off every hour, all month long, with Zep!

Rock 103 is Albany’s LED ZEPPELIN Station!

Here are some Zeptoids that might be news to you:

(Z/1) Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham played together for the first time on August 12, 1968 when they rehearsed at a studio on Lisle Street in London’s West End. The first song they played was “Train Kept A-Rollin.” #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/4) On Zeptember 4, 1970, was the historically beloved concert at Los Angeles’ Inglewood Forum. That performance yielded the famous bootleg LP set Live on Blueberry Hill later that decade. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/7) In Zeptember 1968, shortly after the first rehearsals that brought Jimmy Page, John Bonham, John Paul Jones and Robert Plant together. The first live concerts of this new band (known briefly as The New Yardbirds) took place on Zeptember 7 at the Gladsaxe Teen Club in Copenhagen, Denmark. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/11) Zeptember 1980 began as a month full of expectations. The band took the opportunity on Zeptember 11 to announce a set of tour dates in North America.  That tour never came to fruition as tragedy struck the band just days later. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/23) On Zeptember 23, 1971, Led Zeppelin embarked on its first tour of Japan, a set of dates full of wonderfully hilarious stories about samurai swords, food fights, a suspected peeping Tom incident and other lighthearted shenanigans that may or may not have contributed to the group being banned from the Tokyo Hilton hotel. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/24) After announcing a set of tour dates just days prior, a revitalized Led Zeppelin gathered on Zeptember 24, 1980, to begin rehearsing, planning to debut a live arrangement of Carouselambra, the longest and most difficult number from In Through the Out Door. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/25) Just one day into rehearsals, on Zeptember 25, 1980, Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, died in his sleep. The hope and excitement of the recently announced North American tour dates dashed. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Z/27) Led Zeppelin recorded their own original material at Olympic Studios, Barnes in London, England on Zeptember 27, 1968. The recordings for the first Led Zeppelin album were completed shortly after that. This was the first taste of what was yet to come. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

(Zeptember 2008) A film documentary featuring Jimmy Page and two other generations of guitarists, Jack White and The Edge, called It Might Get Loud, opened in movie theatres throughout the United States this month. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. #ledzeppelin #Zeptember

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